Hottest 100: Things about Townsville

Now that I’ve officially told work I’m leaving I’m thinking about all the things I’ll be able to post here that I couldn’t before.

I’ve been mindful of the fact that as an employee of my organisation it’s a little bit dodgy for me to be promoting one business at the expense of another. That’s not the done thing around these parts. But once my official duties are over I will be able to share my expert opinion on the best things about Townsville. Thanks to my awesome job I’ve done most of the cool stuff there is to do here – from visiting tropical islands to flying in a Tiger Moth, and I’ve eaten meals and sampled coffee from just about every restaurant and cafe in town.

I’m going to try to write up a list of my 100 favourite things from the last four years. I’m not going to include people (so there’ll be no soppy references to Robyn), just places and experiences.

If you are from Townsville, or have been to Townsville, or have lived in Townsville and you have a suggestion for this list – put it in the comments.

This should be fun.