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Coffee at the Corner Store Cafe

I know, most of you are already reading my cafe reviews on thebeanstalker.com, right. But I have to point out that if you’re looking for an incredibly cool cafe to hang out at, or to study at, in the Toowong region – then you should most definitely head along to the Corner Store Cafe on Sylvan road.

Here’s my review of the Corner Store on thebeanstalker.com.

That’s a photo of my double shot flat white from yesterday. Because we spent the morning there. The food is also excellent. Try the Beef Dip – a popular Canadian dish, and the Bacon Cheeseburger – a popular everywhere dish.

Duck, Duck, Juice

Speaking of duck. Check out this fluky piece of latte art I pulled off a couple of months ago.

Abstract Latte Art

I thought I might try a new little segment here (depending on future latte art results)… Can you spot a resemblance to a relatively famous painting in this cup of coffee? It’s a bit like reading the tea leaves.

YouTube Twosday: More animal coffee

No, not the stuff that’s been through the digestive tract… but latte art featuring friendly mythical animals… and pigs.

YouTube Tuesday: Now coming to a Friday near you

Latte art is one of my favourite things. I am not very good at it. At all. But I reckon with enough practice I could do this:

The related videos are also pretty cool. Some would suggest the “paintbrush” technique is cheating.

Pour quality – putting the art into latte art

Coffee photos are my current favourites. This one here featuring a “naked portafiller” is very nice. Does anyone have a spare angle grinder? A naked portafiller for my machine would cost $70 otherwise.

This one’s from Flickr user Tonx’s coffee photos.

There’s shots from barista competitions, cafes and a variety of other coffee related events. And some Latte Art. Including this one. My favourite. There’s a series of “making of” ones for this too so I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Or a seamless photoshop job. They’re worth checking out.