Abstract Latte Art

I thought I might try a new little segment here (depending on future latte art results)… Can you spot a resemblance to a relatively famous painting in this cup of coffee? It’s a bit like reading the tea leaves.


Gav says:

Janelle reckons its the Shroud of Turin, but i thought it was that optical illusion one of the old lady/young woman.

If you get one that looks like Mary you could sell it on eBay for heaps mate!!!

KIM says:

errr, what’s the answer?? the scream? or it could be starry night … perhaps i should take an art history class!!

David says:

I reckon The Scream. Or should that be The Scrémé…

Ben McLaughlin says:

I was going to say The Scream as well. Munch, munch.

Nathan Campbell says:

Yeah, all I can see now when I look at that photo (while squinting) is The Scream.