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How to be awesome like Steven Seagal

You’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that Steven Seagal was more awesome than you were willing to give him credit. Haven’t you. Well it’s true. Not only has he starred in such awesome titles as Half Past Dead and Under Siege, not only does he do all his own stunts (probably not true), and not only does he have the worst combination of receding hairline and ponytail since, well, ever… he has a new TV show coming out. A reality TV show.

But wait. You say. This is not the blogging fodder I’m expecting at St. Eutychus. An ode to a washed up B-grade action movie star (who also happens to be a blues musician)…

Well, it gets even more awesome. The show, called Lawman, unearths a deep and dark secret. Seagal has spent some 20 years deputising for his local police department, kicking bad guys around for real.

This show sounds awesome.

Seagal, 58, who has a second home in bayou country, is a fully commissioned deputy and spends several months a year in Louisiana. While on the force, he usually works five-day shifts.

Jefferson Parish Col. John Fortunato, who partners with Seagal on the 13-episode series, says Lawman captures deputies in a high-crime arena – interrogating suspects, breaking up fights, chasing bad guys and making arrests.