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Fast food fast

Ahh, IGA, you’ve done it again. Stuck it to the big corporate man with this campaign that tries to convince us to give up fast food for a month. It’s an interesting move – I guess that IGA’s opening hours mean that fast food are their real competitors – because who seriously shops at IGA when Coles and Woolworths are open?

You go girlfriend. 

I do question the wisdom of openly antagonising the people with the biggest marketing budgets in the country. But IGA don’t have a choice really. When you consider that some of the top 50 advertising spenders in Australia (according to Nielsen Media’s 2007 report) were:

  1. Coles (number 2)
  2. Woolworths (number 5)
  3. McDonalds (17)
  4. Yum Restaurants (KFC and Pizza Hut) (number 35)
  5. Competitive Foods (Hungry Jacks, Dominos, Fasta Pasta) (number 48)

It’s hard enough having to compete with the other Supermarkets let alone the fast food guys.

That’s a lot to compete with in the pretty crowded market place market place.

So, could you go three weeks without fast food? I once did it for a year, it didn’t really make a difference to my weight though.