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Wes Anderson gets centered

This is fun. I think. Though Wes Anderson is a pretty polarising film maker in the Campbell household.


I love this explanation of his approach to film making. There are some not quite PG scenes in here.


And here, for good measure, is Lord Of The Rings, as directed by Wes Anderson…


Amazing music mashups

I love a good YouTube mashup. These are quite incredible – songs from dissonant genres blended together almost perfectly.

Like Miley Cyrus and Mumford and Sons…

Korn and Taylor Swift…


And this slightly disturbing Slipknot and Justin Bieber song…

Exploding actresses and Disney Princesses

This is the coolest thing on the net this week.

Batman in other movies

I laughed.

There’s a couple of small swears. The Home Alone scenes are my favourites…

Gotye’s Youtube Orchestra

Gotye (aka Wally De Backer) is a clever guy. He’s put together a remix of his own song using covers other people have posted to Youtube.

The Dark Lion Rises

I’m very much looking forward to checking out Batman when assessment allows it. In the meantime, there’s this.

Breaking Bart: A Simpsons/Breaking Bad mashup

Ned Flanders would be a pretty scary good guy turned crystal meth producer.

Transmermaid: A mash up

The Little Mermaid is like Transformers for girls. Right? She wanted to transform into a human. That’s the only way I can explain the motivation behind this mashup.

Via 22 Words.

Paranoid Android(s): A YouTube MashUp

Paranoid Android is one of those iconic song covers that everybody who is anybody has in their repertoire. Or so it seems. This is a very cool pastiche of extant YouTube covers of Radiohead’s hit.

Apparently Radiohead loves it. Which isn’t surprising.

The Batman Complex

Ahh. The art of the remix. Love it.

Christian Bale movies cut together to explain the darker side of Batman’s psyche.

Bert and Ernie in da house

There’s a rap language warning on this one – not your f-word variety, but your racially charged gangsta variety.

He-Man: What’s going on?

This gets good about a minute in. Persevere.

The Living Hills

What do you get if you recut the Sound of Music as a thriller?

If you want more Julie Andrews mashups – check out Scary Mary.

Via 22 Words.

Alien v Pooh

Some mash-ups are meant to be. Mashing up the Alien movie protagonists and Winnie doesn’t really fit into that category. But it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Wookie of the year

Winnie the Pooh stories would have been cooler if Winnie was a wookie. Right?

Here’s proof.

From artist James Hance, there are more.