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Ferris Club

While I’m posting this string of YouTube mashups, here’s Ferris Bueller meets Fight Club. A little language warning in this one… Alan Ruck (Cameron) does look a bit like Edward Norton too.

Strong Bad meets Salad Fingers

This is a pretty bizarre mashup of two web animations. Salad Fingers is admittedly bizarre all by himself. It’s clever though. If you’ve never encountered Salad Fingers check him out here, Strong Bad lives here at homestarrunner.com.

Here’s the Salad Fingers video everybody should be familiar with… and by “everybody” I mean only people with darkish senses of humour.

Avatar v Fern Gully

I haven’t seen Avatar yet. I know it’ll be worthwhile when I eventually do.

But a few people – davemiers.com included – have been saying it’s just a pretty version of Fern Gully.

Here’s a YouTube mashup.

You do the mash

Comic book mashups are fun. These, by Ryan Dunlavey, are great… and there are more at that link.