Miss Universe Australia

Missed opportunity

After my last post Stuss wanted to know if I planned to enter the Miss Universe Australia pageant in order to secure publicity for Townsville. I checked out the terms and conditions of entry – and unfortunately I don’t qualify.

Whilst they don’t specify a gender requirement I’ve been ruled out on two of the seven conditions.

1. Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident.
2. Be aged no less than 18 and not more than 27 on 30/02/2009.
3. Have been residing in Australia for at least six months prior to April 2009.
4. Have a valid passport.
5. Never have been married.
6. Never have given birth to a child.
7. Not have committed any crime or been involved in any inappropriate behaviour, photographs or films, which may cause embarrassment to both parties if disclosed at a later date.

How to get media attention for your location

I’ve spent the last 3 and a half years trying to get Townsville positive news coverage around the globe. It’s a great place. It’s worth publicising. But, this morning I had an epiphany. Here’s an easy 3 step process to get your home town/city/village some positive media coverage.

1. Win Miss Universe Australia
2. Visit your home town
3. Turn up at your old job at McDonalds with cameras in tow

It’s that simple.

Universally speaking

Henry Petersen probably googles himself pretty religiously – so if you’re here, reading this Henry – thanks for the mangoes.

Henry Petersen is the promoter behind the “Fashion Bash” an event that sees young girls from Townsville fight it out on the catwalk for modeling supremacy every year – and an event that can now claim to have launched the career of the new “Miss Universe Australia” – Rachel Finch.

Henry apparently spotted her at the airport.

When you’re talking about shameless self promotion in Townsville, Henry Petersen takes the cake. He’s everywhere. He made national news for his “wife hunt” a few years back (his story is at the bottom of this link), he repays locally bestowed favours with fruit grown on his farm – and he relentlessly plugs his events with terribly worded emails. I’m sorry Henry. If you’re reading this. They truly are terrible. He once requested recognition at our tourism awards for his outstanding contribution – comparing himself to Peter Brock and Steve Irwin weeks after they died saying it was a shame accolades are so often dished out posthumously.

Well, now he’s a success again. In the news for all the right reasons. As a model scout. A teen model scout.

And Townsville is on the map. As a place capable of producing a Miss Universe Australia (MUA). Not sure if this little description of Townsville from the new MUA is productive or not as far as marketing northern Australia’s “largest city” goes…

Coming from such a small town it’s not only somewhere to grow up that’s naturally beautiful but you really learn the value of growing in that small community and you get a lot of support and love and you can take that in your heart and take that to a bigger city or move on with your life and your career and really make a change.

Yes, we’re all only here so that we can leave. Thanks Rachel.

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