Missed opportunity

After my last post Stuss wanted to know if I planned to enter the Miss Universe Australia pageant in order to secure publicity for Townsville. I checked out the terms and conditions of entry – and unfortunately I don’t qualify.

Whilst they don’t specify a gender requirement I’ve been ruled out on two of the seven conditions.

1. Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident.
2. Be aged no less than 18 and not more than 27 on 30/02/2009.
3. Have been residing in Australia for at least six months prior to April 2009.
4. Have a valid passport.
5. Never have been married.
6. Never have given birth to a child.
7. Not have committed any crime or been involved in any inappropriate behaviour, photographs or films, which may cause embarrassment to both parties if disclosed at a later date.


queenstuss says:

I can’t enter either! I’m an old, married mother.

I am curious as to why the stipulation that you can’t have given birth. Or even the not married bit.

Nathan says:

If you’re married you’re not a miss.

queenstuss says:

good point.

queenstuss says:

and if you’ve had a kid, you’re just mum.

Nathan says:

Or a dad.

Tim says:

were your 2 2 and 7

queenstuss says:

Technically, a dad could still compete.
Technically, a dad doesn’t give birth.

Andrew says:

So… is this incriminating film on youtube? Oh wait.. you’re 27..

Leah says:

‘Miss’ or not, the marriage and giving birth rules are stupid. Could someone sue for discrimination? :P