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Certifiable apology

When you make outrageous claims like I do, with the frequency that I do, you will offend someone. It’s only a matter of time. Or statistics.

As the number of absolute claims made increases the probability of offending someone approaches one. I could make a graph about it.

Or I could draw your attention to this handy apology that you can just fill in as the need arises.

PR makes the glass seem fuller

That’s right people. PR is important. It adds gloss. That’s why I have a job.

More New Maths gives a nice little equation.

By the same token:

optimism = realism + good PR person…

pessimism = realism – good PR person.

My New Maths – Godwin’s Law

Inspired by the CEC and their inability to open their mouths/hit keys on their keyboards without mentioning the words “Nazi” or Hitler, and by one of my favourite sites – New Math by Craig Damrauer – I’ve produced this. My own new maths on Godwin’s Law