movie posters

The 13 types of movie poster

I was skeptical about this. As sceptical as I am about the spelling of the word skeptical. But then I checked all the movies available for viewing on my Apple TV.

And its pretty much true.

My favourite type…

The whole list, with samples, is here.

I would add a 14th though, but maybe it’s just my colourblindness kicking in… I think there’s a black/white/red combo (which this French site confirms).

Also. This is obviously an over-simplification. There are many other types – it is staggering how many fit these varieties though.

Blog ja vu

I thought I had posted these before, but then I looked, and I couldn’t find them on my blog. So I’m going to assume I looked at them, thought “wow, I totally should blog those” and then didn’t. Until now. They are nice, from this designer, via bookofjoe.



Honest movie titles

Movie nights would be easier to organise if the titles of movies were more indicative of the content. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas should have been called “tragedy as two little boys are killed by an unjust war” – apologies for the spoiler.

Here are some “honest movie titles“…

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