The 13 types of movie poster

I was skeptical about this. As sceptical as I am about the spelling of the word skeptical. But then I checked all the movies available for viewing on my Apple TV.

And its pretty much true.

My favourite type…

The whole list, with samples, is here.

I would add a 14th though, but maybe it’s just my colourblindness kicking in… I think there’s a black/white/red combo (which this French site confirms).

Also. This is obviously an over-simplification. There are many other types – it is staggering how many fit these varieties though.

2 thoughts on “The 13 types of movie poster”

  1. Yes, I remember someone arguing in a class I took once that American movie posters, presumably for commercial mass-appeal reasons, are dismayingly uniform, while European movie posters (sometimes for the same movie) show much more variety and imagination (and are more artsy, less “hollywoodien”, as the French would say?). At least that was his argument. He showed an example—some movie where the American poster had something totally generic, like a girl and a guy and a gun, while a continental poster had a pair of legs sticking up out of a field or something—but I can’t remember what movie it was.

    What do you think, are movie posters in Australia open to the charge he was making against American posters?

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