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The world’s slowest Meme response: The NSFW Workplace

NSFW. Four letters that spell danger on the Internet. But what do you do if your workplace itself is not safe for work?

About a year ago (possibly more, possibly less) somebody (I think it was Ben) tagged me in a meme where you had to show off your desk. And I didn’t. I took a photo of my desk (I have a few workplaces) looking very tidy. But I was a little reluctant to take a photo of my office. Which in our house is called the “naked lady room”… I’ve actually been doing some study in there this week. So I’ve decided to put aside my shame, and post this picture of the room (that’s a photo of my fully clothed wife on the screen of the computer lest you get any other ideas).

Now, I don’t want to lead a brother astray (or a sister) so if you find seventies style pixelated wallpaper featuring black and white nipples at all tempting. Do not click this link to see the wall paper in that room in full detail.

Can somebody tell me what whoever was designing this was thinking? Let alone whoever decided to put it up in that room…

Oh, and here’s the photo of my desk.

Meme win.I can’t imagine the spam comment this is going to get.

A desk job

Simone tagged me in a meme. I don’t like memes but I get tagged in too few of them to take a stance. So here’s my desk, for the next four days and two hours.

These were taken with my iPhone and without much care.

I tag Amy (because she asked for it) and Anna (because she’s a professional student so it might be inspiring).

My Desk

WordPress has a widely reported glitch with third party posting software that strips angled brackets – < – these things – from incoming posts. So you didn’t get to see the photo of my spectacularly messy desk that I used in the test post before. So here it is. In all it’s glory. I can find most things on it when I need to…


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