A desk job

Simone tagged me in a meme. I don’t like memes but I get tagged in too few of them to take a stance. So here’s my desk, for the next four days and two hours.

These were taken with my iPhone and without much care.

I tag Amy (because she asked for it) and Anna (because she’s a professional student so it might be inspiring).

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7 thoughts on “A desk job”

  1. Much more organized than I would have imagined. And the Dilbert cartoons are a nice touch.

    By the way, where do you keep those new cover sheets for your TPS reports? You did get that memo, right?

  2. The TPS reports? I gave them to Milton to staple.

    The Dilbert comics are an essential touch. One is about Dilbert being compensated for not getting a raise by being given two monitors. It was in the paper the day I got my second monitor.

    The empty frame in the last shot normally has my crisis communication plan in it with "In Case of Emergency Break Glass" written on it – but I'm updating it before I leave.

  3. It's not a meme! I very deliberately didn't call it a meme! Anyway, thanks for participating. Your desk does look very organised, though it looks all a bit gloomy, like someone needs to open a blind somewhere …
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  4. ok…so i am slack and i'm kind of a january hiatus – but i didn't tell anyone – so i have slated a response to your tag for February! I think my view and the outside of the building are going to be more inspirational than a desk – my building is a Tower, like seriously, it is round! and i overlook the old entry to the priory – like literally a pre 15c. gate to where the Bishop lived….

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