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Just shoot them

Sometimes, when I am watching stupid people on television (normally reporters on current affairs programs) I wish I had a gun that could transfer energy through the television and cause the person at the other end some pain. This would be a great way of showing frustration and a terrific piece of user interaction. Eddie Maguire would be in big trouble.

This one function remote will, when pointed at the television, either turn the box on or off, turn up the volume, or change the channel. One day Eddie. One day.

Bust a tap in your mass

Ok, so the last word in that title is pretty contrived. But it’s late, and I’m waiting for Robyn to put the finishing touches on the first draft of her reports.

But, contrived or not, this hose fitting makes it much easier to feel like the tough gangster type when you’re watering your herb garden. Though perhaps a concentrated stream of water isn’t the best thing for those delicate plants…

Bangers and mash

We all know a good mashed potato needs just the right amount of seasoning. Which becomes easier if you can manage your dosage in caliber form… with these awesome salt’n’pepper pistols.

So Peter Piper now packs his pick of “pinch” or pepper… that was poor.

Found here.

Bacon gun will kill you

Anyone reading my blog over the last few weeks may think I have an unhealthy obsession with guns. They’d be wrong. I have an obsession with unhealthy guns – most perfectly epitomised by this the Ba-K-47. An AK 47 made entirely out of bacon.

Mmm. Bacon. There are many more pictures of this piece of bacon architectural awesomeness here.

Meat your maker

This gun looks pretty threatening – especially to a plate full of chopped beef. From here. Unfortunately it was probably an April Fools Day joke. They were offered to NRA members who could “prove themselves in the kitchen”…

Flying saucer…

A hard squeeze on that trigger and you’ll have sauce flying all over the room, it’ll make home movies featuring tomato sauce fueled bloodbaths easier to produce – taking out one of the editing steps between gun shot and gaping wound.

Speaks for itself really. Particularly if you harness its awesome powers to write words with your sauce.

Make your next beer a blast

Why is it that I make one of the coolest posts I’ve made in days weeks months ever and the next day I spot something that would have been an absolutely perfect fit. I give you the beer blaster.

Actually, it’s probably good enough to warrant its own post. Here’s where you can get yours – and here it is in action.

Son of a gun

Barack Obama is under fire from the Christian Right gun lobby for making air travel in the US more dangerous by repealing an act that allowed pilots to carry sidearms.

Guns are fun. Everyone knows that. Which is why I’ve collected this post full of novely gun items that you should all consider adding to your personal armoury.

Like this BBQ lighter

“A fun way to start the grill, the Shoot and Cook Rifle BBQ lighter will help you light your grilling flames safely. This 14.5’’ lever action rifle replica features impressive miniature details that are sure to make it one of your favorite backyard grilling tools. Refillable, this butane lighter is child resistant for safety and features flame adjustment.”

Sounds fun. Buy it from the Bass Pro Shops

Now, we all know I’m a bit OCD about flies. Nothing spoils Christmas lunch at the Campbells like a hoard of buzzing blowflies… well, now I can dispose of them safely and hygenically. Thanks to this:

Once the trigger has been activated, the capture tube will shoot out about 1 cm. At the same time there will be a strong vacuum created in the suction cylinder and capture tube. The fly doesn’t stand a chance against the suction, which is reinforced by the rapid projection of the capture tube. The fly is sucked into the capture tube up to the protective grating. The protective grating prevents the fly from getting into the internal mechanism.

Fly Goodbye.

If you’ve caught your flies and don’t have turtles to feed them to – perhaps you’ll need this butane lighter machine gun with a laser scope. It’s not a long bow to draw. It’s a machine gun lighter to burn

“This great refillable butane lighter looks just like a Machine Gun. Pull back the hammer and watch the blue jet torch come out the front. This gun lighter is also a laser pointer with 5 different picture lenses including traditional point pinky hand indian skull hand and more!. Everyone will notice your amazing lighter/lazer pointer gun.”

Yeah, and chicks totally dig guys with machine gun flamethrowers. Buy yours here today. Or don’t, they’ll no doubt be here tomorrow.

And finally the coup de grace – if you can’t handle all these guns of awesomeness and rather conveniently want to shoot yourself – I give you… the backwards pistol. I’m sure it’s ergonomically sound.

*Possibly not a real product.