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Tipping Nudge: Behavioural economics at work

I love the idea of the “nudge” – it’s pretty much the key to successful Facebook marketing. By the by.

Here’s a little picture of a nudge at work.

Image Credit: Tumblr

I read a fascinating book, not surprisingly titled Nudge that examines the use of such methods in public policy and daily life.

If only I could be bothered nudging people into commenting…

Mind your pees and queues

When we stopped over in Singapore I noticed the urinals there had the old “fly on the wall” trick, designed to encourage better aim and reduce mess for the cleaning staff. It’s a beautiful nudge.

This one is better. It has nothing to do with “queues” except that less time cleaning means more time being used…

You can buy them to install at home. When the target (the dangling ball) gets a spray it changes colour. Clever stuff.