Tipping Nudge: Behavioural economics at work

I love the idea of the “nudge” – it’s pretty much the key to successful Facebook marketing. By the by.

Here’s a little picture of a nudge at work.

Image Credit: Tumblr

I read a fascinating book, not surprisingly titled Nudge that examines the use of such methods in public policy and daily life.

If only I could be bothered nudging people into commenting…

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3 thoughts on “Tipping Nudge: Behavioural economics at work”

  1. Sorry if double-posting – doesn’t seem that the Facebook commented was saved:

    Well, you can nudge me to comment:) If you like to stayed tuned about nudging then the right place to look at is this blog solely concerned with nudging: http://inudgeyou.blogspot.com/

    Also, I really like you’re tipping nudge. Can we use it for our blog?

    1. Hi Pelle,

      First comments go to moderation – not sure why the Facebook one didn’t work.

      Feel free to use this – though I didn’t come up with it, just found it somewhere online.

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