Ok, I have heard your feedback (or lack thereof) and turned off the OpenID plugin. I assume that’s what’s stopping all of you commenting. Go crazy. Go nuts. Go crazygonuts. Comment away. To your heart’s content. All barriers to you sharing your feedback (except my scathing critical wit) have been removed.

Design brief

I have a new design – that’s obvious for those of you visiting – but for the subscribers you should perhaps stop by and check it out.

Robyn doesn’t like it though – so I may have to change it if I want her posting more often.

Also, apparently commenting is difficult for some people (not the general vibe but a specific) – I think it’s got something to do with the OpenID plug-in I’m using. If commenting has been a problem – can you try commenting on this post without including a website in the website field – that will confirm my suspicions if it works.

Oh yeah, feedback on the design/design issues would be more than welcome.

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