Design brief

I have a new design – that’s obvious for those of you visiting – but for the subscribers you should perhaps stop by and check it out.

Robyn doesn’t like it though – so I may have to change it if I want her posting more often.

Also, apparently commenting is difficult for some people (not the general vibe but a specific) – I think it’s got something to do with the OpenID plug-in I’m using. If commenting has been a problem – can you try commenting on this post without including a website in the website field – that will confirm my suspicions if it works.

Oh yeah, feedback on the design/design issues would be more than welcome.


simone says:

still trying.

failed this afternoon.

simone says:

ha! it doesn’t like my website that it automatically puts there… Wonder what’s changed? It’s been giving me an ‘open id error.’

simone says:

hey! love the big ‘N’ it puts up the top of my browser!

Damien says:

I like the new look. The sheer breadth of “information” you post means that the page will always look busy, but I think the white background helps to make it easier to read. To be honest, I don’t care how it looks as long as the RSS feed doesn’t break.

As for whether it rejects comments, only my next click will show…

Damien says:

Yep, that worked!

queenstuss says:

Your new menu bar kind of reads as though you are trying to blacklist coffee.

Nathan says:

Thanks for the feedback guys – I’ll be continuing to tweak things as I spot mistakes and glitches.