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The case of the missing cases

The packing and moving process brought me to the point of epiphany. CD cases, or “Jewel cases” as I think they are called, are a waste of space.

I spent the last couple of days moving my CD collection from cases to a big CD wallet. I kept the liner notes. I tossed the plastic. I probably should have offered to give them away. But now they’re gone.

The question now, is what to do about the DVD cases. If ever I’m so poor that I want to flog off my collection on eBay they’ll probably need cases right?

Pack to the future

The packing has started. We’ve only got three weeks left in Townsville and we’re destined to spend those days surrounded by boxes, packing tape and piles of stuff.

I went to bed last night thinking that today was the day I’d be back at work – but I woke up, dressed, and then remembered that I had booked today off as part of my Christmas break.

Blogging is likely to be sporadic both in work hours and after work as I tie up loose ends here and there.

Robyn has set herself the rather ambitious challenge of packing one room per day while I’m at work.