The case of the missing cases

The packing and moving process brought me to the point of epiphany. CD cases, or “Jewel cases” as I think they are called, are a waste of space.

I spent the last couple of days moving my CD collection from cases to a big CD wallet. I kept the liner notes. I tossed the plastic. I probably should have offered to give them away. But now they’re gone.

The question now, is what to do about the DVD cases. If ever I’m so poor that I want to flog off my collection on eBay they’ll probably need cases right?


queenstuss says:

I have a pile of CDs that I want to flog off on ebay – so I'm glad I still have their cases. We also lost a whole wallet full of CDs a few years ago. Fortunately, it held a lot of Hillsong CDs.

The problem now that I've discovered with digital music, is that I don't have the liner notes to pore over.

Andrew says:

Peta convinced me to ged rid of DVD cases, but I simply can't do it for CDs, especially not my classy singing ones (and sometimes they come in those fancy cardboard cases). Plus, operas often come on two or three discs, and the liner notes are 50 pages long.