When will she go away?

“Former US Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is still mad at media coverage of her candidacy, particularly “anonymous, pathetic bloggers” who she says spread falsehoods about her.”

Guilty as charged. Although I’m not anonymous. And I don’t think anything I said was false. From the SMH.

“”If I were giving advice to myself back on the day my candidacy was announced, I’d say, ‘Tell the campaign that you’ll be callin’ some of the shots. Don’t just assume that they know you well enough to make all your decisions for ya,” Palin said.”

That would have been a real difference maker. She can’t open her mouth without sounding like an illiterate yokel.

“When I was in high school, my desire was to be a sportscaster,” she said. “Until I learned that you’d have to move to Bristol, Connecticut. It was far away. So instead, I had a daughter and named her Bristol.””

Phoning it in

I admire the resolve of sub editors around the world not to make racially charged puns on the dilemma surrounding Barack Obama and his blackberry. This is a serious issue people. Due to security concerns – and laws surrounding the status of presidential correspondence – the President of the United States does not have an email address. Lucky the Republicans didn’t get in – Sarah Palin’s passwords are really easy to crack.
Obama’s Blackberry was a constant companion during the campaign. And now he has to give it up – his tech savvy approach to grassroots campaigning was arguably the factor that won him the presidency – it certainly won him the primaries.
Why can the White House not afford to pay the best security people in the business to ensure their Commander in Chief can have access to technology? Surely the US Army doesn’t have its officers receiving correspondence by carrier pigeon?
Slate provides some interesting background on the drama – and in the process makes the argument for the President to have email access and the ability to hold on to his preferred communications device.

I, on the other hand, am not the President of the United States. And I want an iPhone. I am lobbying hard for iPhones to be the phone of choice in our office’s upgrade of our current mobiles.
iPhones don’t just look cool – they’re incredibly functional and extensible. They will not go out of date any time soon. Other tech companies (like Google) are struggling to release an iPhone killer – a device to dent the iPhone’s popularity. Here is my suggested iPhone killer:


Sarah Palin is kind of starting to make sense as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate – she is the complete opposite of Barack Obama. It’s a race of binary oppositions – he’s a black, she’s white, he’s a man, she’s a woman, he’s allegedly a fundamentalist muslim, she’s allegedly a fundamentalist Christian, she’s a republican, he’s a democrat – and the clincher he’s a master of the english language and oratory – she’s barely an apprentice. 

Her interviews with TV networks have been heavily regulated – and here’s why – a mapping out of her sentences – and then the chance to conduct your own interview* with Sarah Palin based on actual interview answers she’s given. 

*In the “Choose your own adventure” novel sense…

Obama meets Bartlett

A while back I suggested that Obama was the closest thing to Matt Santos (West Wing President number 2) running in this campaign.

Here Obama meets Bartlett in an interesting fact meets fiction interview with West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. 
Obama is creating a great degree of angst in some Christian circles because of his stance on abortion – I’m not going to enter that debate here. I just think his other policies (and there are many) are better than McCain’s – and Palin just plain (nice anagram use there…) scares me. Obama’s oratory skills are still enough for me to tip my ineligible vote in his direction.


Snakes on a plane

Life imitating art. Just like Palin’s VP nomination could eventually imitate the plotline from “Commander in Chief” where an aging president dies having chosen a young, underqualified, female VP candidate who has to take the reigns unprepared. 

Scary if you’re on an Air India flight – or an American.

clipped from

Snake slips onto Air India flight

Crew on an Air India passenger jet discovered a snake coiled up under a seat and were unable to catch it as it slithered around the plane, the airline said today.

The snake was disturbed during a routine check on the Air India A319 aircraft, which had landed at Delhi airport after a domestic flight from Srinagar.

It evaded capture by slipping into an air vent and could not be found even when staff unscrewed panels inside the fuselage, opened all the doors and fumigated the plane.

“There was commotion which scared the snake and it went further inside,” an airport official was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

Reports that the snake was a venomous cobra were denied by an Air India spokesman.

“The aircraft was parked at Delhi airport for maintenance purposes. There was a snake but not a cobra,” he said.

“We have no details of what kind of a snake it was, or where it is now. We have taken up this matter with Delhi airport authorities.”

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