Obama meets Bartlett

A while back I suggested that Obama was the closest thing to Matt Santos (West Wing President number 2) running in this campaign.

Here Obama meets Bartlett in an interesting fact meets fiction interview with West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. 
Obama is creating a great degree of angst in some Christian circles because of his stance on abortion – I’m not going to enter that debate here. I just think his other policies (and there are many) are better than McCain’s – and Palin just plain (nice anagram use there…) scares me. Obama’s oratory skills are still enough for me to tip my ineligible vote in his direction.



Leah Maria says:

But are they Obama’s oratory skills, or his speech-writer’s?

Sarah Palin is scary, yes. She is also apparently completely out of touch with the current political climate.

Hint to Ms Palin: Now is NOT the time to advocate drilling for oil and hunting seals. Seriously.

Nathan says:

Seal clubbing is all the rage in Alaska.

I think you’ll find Obama writes most of his speeches himself.