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Paranoid Pianoid

Ahh. Another week. Another Paranoid Android cover. This must surely be one of YouTube’s favourite songs.

This time it’s on duelling pianos. My friend Adam shared it on Facebook. And he knows his pianos.

Paranoid Android(s): A YouTube MashUp

Paranoid Android is one of those iconic song covers that everybody who is anybody has in their repertoire. Or so it seems. This is a very cool pastiche of extant YouTube covers of Radiohead’s hit.

Apparently Radiohead loves it. Which isn’t surprising.

Paranoid Android covered by really cool 90s band

In my alternative reality version of the present Weezer are a really cool band from the 90s who went out on a high after recording Pinkerton. Sadly, in the real world, they’ve recorded four forgettable albums since Pinkerton. Or maybe five. I don’t know.

This cover of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android from the cool 90s band Weezer is pretty awesome.

Here’s some vintage Weezer.

Paranoid Androids

Paranoid Android is one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Here’s Thom Yorke singing it with an acoustic guitar.

And here are Australian comedy band Tripod singing it a capella.

And here’s an 8 Bit version of the song.

And a bonus, because it was on YouTube and I saw it – here’s another one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Live.