Paranoid Android covered by really cool 90s band

In my alternative reality version of the present Weezer are a really cool band from the 90s who went out on a high after recording Pinkerton. Sadly, in the real world, they’ve recorded four forgettable albums since Pinkerton. Or maybe five. I don’t know.

This cover of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android from the cool 90s band Weezer is pretty awesome.

Here’s some vintage Weezer.


Izaac says:

Weezer must have one of the strangest working band dynamic in the world.

Brad says:

Yep, Weezer were one of the greats at the top of their game. Pinkerton is easily in my all time top 10 albums. Goes to show that a person (Rivers) can’t be amazingly creative and cool forever.

Funny that you put two Blue Album songs up. I reckon their best film clip, which strangely came on teh Windows 95 installation CD, is Buddy Holly (also fro Blue Album).

Brad says:

(In the Radiohead cover) Who’s playing drums? Pretty sure that’s Pat (drummer) playing guitar.

Daniel says:

Call me a purist, but River is at his best when he’s doing his own stuff. His voice just didn’t hack the range of PA.