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Tech Support Wheel

Anybody relate to this?

From Passive Aggressive Notes.

No more passive aggressive notes

Tired of sending passive aggressive post-it note messages to your colleagues? Get actually aggressive with this post-it note machine gun (which is currently only a concept – nay – a figment of the cubicle dweller’s imagination).

Passive aggressive registry

If your name is Shoshana you’re likely to grow up with an overdeveloped sense of personal entitlement.

You have every right to feel angry at the world. And to feel like the world – and all the people in it – owe you something.

Check it.

This is why we had an anti-registry for our wedding.

I have a dream…

This is a great Passive Aggressive series of notes documenting printer frustration and odd dreams…

Passive Aggressive veto

Some people might think that a veto, in itself, is an act of political aggression rather than passive aggression.

But when you embed a rude, coded, message in your letter to the legislative body you are turning down, it’s classic passive aggression.

It’s so rude I won’t post the picture. But if you’re not offended by the F-bomb – and want to see why the Governator is awesome (other than the fact he keeps his Conan sword in his office)… check it out.

Here’s a news story that shows it’s legit

Candid camera

Here’s another addition to the myriad passive aggressive signs posted for our viewing pleasure. A public service reminder not to document your misdemeanours on camera and leave it in a public place…

From here.

Aggressive signs

I posted the passive aggressive signs set on Flickr a few weeks back. Posting a sign doesn’t have to be an act of passive aggression. It can be down right aggressive…

From Bits and Pieces.

Noted aggression

This is the most awesome Flickr collection ever. Well, at least for today. A collection of “passive aggressive notes” left on public noticeboards.

Some of my favourites…