Passive aggressive registry

If your name is Shoshana you’re likely to grow up with an overdeveloped sense of personal entitlement.

You have every right to feel angry at the world. And to feel like the world – and all the people in it – owe you something.

Check it.

This is why we had an anti-registry for our wedding.


Ben McLaughlin says:

I'd dearly love to reach through cyberspace and give Shoshana a good clip around the ear. And for the horrible smiley faces, maybe a dead leg or horse bite.

Amy says:

This is why, most of the time, I prefer dogs to people.

What did we get your for your wedding Nathan? I'm hoping it was something witty. (As an aside, because of your wedding, every time your name comes up I get 'preacher man' stuck in my head which is quite disconcerting). And you'll be happy to know we did eventually find the Black Books DVD (in case we forgot to tell you).

Nathan says:

Sadly I'll never know what you got me for my wedding. All the cards fell off all the presents in transit.

One can only hope it wasn't the bright pink sheets that we returned to Big W. They had a Big W sticker on them. Big W told us the last time they'd sold them was in 2004, for $9.94.