Chicken Egg? Or egg chicken? That is the question

I like this egg chicken by a guy named Kyle Bean – he called it “What Came First“… for obvious reasons.

For some reason I like the making of picture almost as much as the chicken itself.

I like these vegebodies too. Check them out.

The secret life of stuff

Bent Objects creator Terry Border has created a host of images you might have seen around the web or in your inbox presenting the secret life of everyday things.

Here’s an experienced grape.

This is not a parsnip – it’s a carrot zombie.

Check out some more at his blog.

I love this quote (from an interview with Neatorama) about what he’s trying to do with his art…

I’ll tell you a secret – a lot of times I’m not trying to be funny at all. I’m just creating the saddest situation I can think of while using a certain object. Sometimes, while I’m photographing a scene, I’m like “Oh man. I’ve gone too far here. People are gonna see how sick I am, and make me get psychological help.” Know what though? Those are always my most popular images. People see them as funny. There are a lot of sick people out there, just like me. Hello out there, all of you sickos!

Pancake art makes playing with food fun

You know how you were told over and over again not to play with your food as a kid – well – it turns out playing with your food is a great way to get your online Warhol (one unit of fifteen minutes of fame). This Pancake art is fun.