The secret life of stuff

Bent Objects creator Terry Border has created a host of images you might have seen around the web or in your inbox presenting the secret life of everyday things.

Here’s an experienced grape.

This is not a parsnip – it’s a carrot zombie.

Check out some more at his blog.

I love this quote (from an interview with Neatorama) about what he’s trying to do with his art…

I’ll tell you a secret – a lot of times I’m not trying to be funny at all. I’m just creating the saddest situation I can think of while using a certain object. Sometimes, while I’m photographing a scene, I’m like “Oh man. I’ve gone too far here. People are gonna see how sick I am, and make me get psychological help.” Know what though? Those are always my most popular images. People see them as funny. There are a lot of sick people out there, just like me. Hello out there, all of you sickos!