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There are some songs that you hope are a joke…

I think this is the Pokemon theme song? Maybe? Just because of the “got to save them all” line.

Just awful.

Pikachyou – a balaclava for pokemon wannabes

Rob a bank wearing this. Go on. I dare you. Well, not really. But this would be an interesting “signature” approach to crime.

From DeviantArt.

Studying Pokemon leads to exam failure

I’m not a Pokemon fan at all. That’s one Japanese fad that passed me by. I do know that drawing Pokemon characters on your exam paper is not a shortcut to success. Especially if your teacher can out fox you (or out Pokemon you) as was the case for this mathlete

Things that are of the Devil

  1. Pokemon
  2. Video Games
  3. Bad Preaching

I believe that one of the three items in that list is actually a tool of the devil. This guy disagrees.