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Fun in the Drive Thru

Robyn says “I don’t find many things on the Internet funny, but these made me laugh”…


When nerds attack: office pranks in a science lab

This is pretty funny.

Here, in a 13 second nutshell, is a Skyrim meme using the punch line of this amazing air cannon prank.

Here’s the original…

Here’s behind the scenes…

How to scare your friend with a peephole in their door



It’s an ad, apparently. Via adsoftheworld.

How to slice a banana without removing the skin

This is cool. I’m not sure if it’s really one of the world’s 100 best pranks – but it’s very clever…

YouTube Tuesday: TV Pranks

I pressed post on this last night – I thought…

I hadn’t seen this before – Bill O’Reilly gets Rick Roll’d (and swears in response). Apparently the Christian Right is ok with that…

But this is perhaps my favourite. A Christian TV program that reads out and answers emails without appearing to vet them. Check it out.

Stool tools

Never let it be said that any content is beneath me…

Everybody needs prank poo in a can right? This must be the biggest untapped market ever. And now it’s filled. You can buy it here. It’s even scented.

I don’t think this is going to be featured on Cool Tools any time soon.

Reverse charged prank calls

I have a friend who keeps giving telemarketers my number. His name is Joe. He thinks it’s funny when they call me, expecting an easy sale, and I run my standard anti-telemarketer ritual of talking for a minute and then just staying silent.

I decided it was about time I got him back.

My problem with prank calls is that I always laugh in the middle of them. I needed someone else to do my dirty work. So, like every other Australian male who needs a little bit of spring in his step, I turned to the Australian Medical Institute. And they called him for me. You can click the image for a larger version.

I highly recommend this course of action, partly because I’m sick of being inundated with AMI ads, and because it’s free.

Don’t get tied to your desk

This is funny. I’m not sure it will work in this size – but it made me laugh lots – and I found it here.

Fun with science

Squirt your (ex-)friends in the face with this “now that you mention it, it’s obvious” practical joke from Wired, it’s harnessing the awesome powers of science…