Reverse charged prank calls

I have a friend who keeps giving telemarketers my number. His name is Joe. He thinks it’s funny when they call me, expecting an easy sale, and I run my standard anti-telemarketer ritual of talking for a minute and then just staying silent.

I decided it was about time I got him back.

My problem with prank calls is that I always laugh in the middle of them. I needed someone else to do my dirty work. So, like every other Australian male who needs a little bit of spring in his step, I turned to the Australian Medical Institute. And they called him for me. You can click the image for a larger version.

I highly recommend this course of action, partly because I’m sick of being inundated with AMI ads, and because it’s free.


Anika Q says:

Oh, heavens. This is not funny. I mean, seriously…it’s not.

But thankyou at least for satisfying my curiosity as to whether or not the person in question has actually done anything concretely bad. (Though I’ve met Joe, I don’t know him – but am constantly hearing people around me blame him for *everything* that goes wrong in their lives – even for some quite ridiculous things that no-one could be to blame for…surely?)

Mark says:

Definitely below the belt.

Anika Q says:

Just noticed past tense in this blog post…(“they *called* him for me”)…what happened?

Amy says:

Poor Joe. You’re so mean.

Amy says:

You realise also this could end in a huge one-up-manship contest that could end very badly…

Nathan says:

It’s quite a long running contest.

I think we’re about even at the moment.

Amy says:

But how do you top that? It might have to involve Kyle and Jackie O and we really don’t want to go there…