Moto X jumping for Jesus

Gary explains why this sort of behaviour (setting up a dirt bike ramp in church and having a motorbike jump the minister in the middle of the sermon) is a bad thing. The Awesome Driven Gospel isn’t the Gospel driven Gospel.

But it is, I must admit, slightly awesome. Though the protective barricades with “Thor” written on them surrounded by flames are an interesting touch.

Via ChristianNightmares.

How to come up with a ministry job title

Mark Driscoll just wants to be a pastor. No. Wait. A preaching pastor. His executive pastor can do the other stuff…

Ministry titles are dumb. The title “pastor” is pretty dumb too. It’s a role not a title. Mikey ranted about this the other day. I agree.

But back to Driscoll – who is sick of people not wanting to be a pastor. So he put together this little tool for selecting a hip and relevant title so that you can “shepherd” your merry band of “Christ followers”…

Want a youth ministry that rocks?

Let Ignatius ignite you.

His essential ingredients of Youth Ministry:

  1. An Xbox 360
  2. A copy of rock band
  3. A book deal
  4. A moderately priced hair cut

He’s edgier than Mark Driscoll.

“Ignatius makes Song of Solomon look like Dr Zeuss”

And all about rigourous training and preparation…

“I’m very serious about preparation – I’ll spend two or three hours doing prayer lattes.”

It’s 10 minutes of awesome Youth Ministry instruction

Relax children, it’s a mockumentary…

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