4 thoughts on “Moto X jumping for Jesus”

  1. thor is a MotoX brand, like “Unit.” I also need a Thor sticker for the back of the Commodore. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Nathan Campbell

      Hey Jeff,

      I’m aware of the brand. My history is a little shaky, so feel free to correct me – but I’m pretty sure the Norse thunder god was around before motorbikes?

  2. Thor only just pre-dates Honda’s SL125 dirt bike…1970, or 1971 by memory. heck my history is shaky too.

    Again I’ve been struck by just how good this kinda stuff would go in my ‘hood. In addition to the proliferation of Thor stickers, there’s the bikes to go with them, usually on the back of Utes (with Unit stickers) on the way to the pine forests just out of town…for whatever redneck shenanigans they all get up to.

  3. Also I’ve just noticed the tasteful fake rock golgotha setup out the front of the auditorium/worship space/sanctuary…

    that’s gotta make the youthgroup’s Easter “play” a lot easier.

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