remi gallard

Youtube Tuesday: Pacman in real life

French prankster Remi Gallard has won a couple of nathanintownsville guernseys* in the past for his outrageous stunts. Today he wins a feature for his real life Pacman efforts – the funniest I’ve seen so far (real life Pacmans that is). Especially when he eats someone’s golf ball for a power-up. There’s a subtitled language warning hear (and possibly a spoken one too – I didn’t have the sound on)… but it’s funny. And thematically appropriate…

Youtube Tuesday: Goal

I think this might become a regular feature if I can find at least one YouTube (or other online video repository) video worth posting each week. The guy doing the kicking is the same guy in the Super Mario Kart Video I posted a couple of weeks ago. He’s obviously very talented – if this video is to be believed.

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