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Funny people talking about being funny

If you ever think of yourself as “funny” and you don’t edit your work constantly (ie you just keep using the same material). Then listen to these funny people on the nature of writing and performing standup (language warning).

A lot of good preachers say stand up comedy is important to preaching. I agree. In a limited sense. Preaching isn’t comedy, but there are very few other careers where people make a living out of standing up and talking.

There are four parts to this. They get progressively cruder, but there’s some gold for preachers there. Know your big idea for everything you say, where you want the audience to get to, and make sure they get the point so it doesn’t bomb. Work hard at having a good package for special occasions because new people might be hearing you for the first time. It’s not your job to say things the audience could come up with by themselves, you’re there to stretch them… know how long to go for. Jerry Seinfeld also has an interesting position on swearing (he doesn’t) as a comic because he says people are only laughing because of the shock – not because of the material – which is a good message for anybody who wants to shock from the pulpit to cover over for preparation or content.

Seinfeld and Economics

While I’m on the subject of economics, if you like Seinfeld, and want a crash course in economic principles, then this is the website for you. It uses clips from the sitcom to teach economic principles. Who knew, the show wasn’t about nothing afterall – but about economics.

Here’s an example that teaches you about game theory, and cost-benefit analysis, and dominant strategy.

“George thinks he has been offered a job, but the man offering it to him got interrupted in the middle of the offer, and will be on vacation for the next week. George, unsure whether an offer has actually been extended, decides that his best strategy is to show up. If the job was indeed his, this is the right move. But even if the job is not, he believes that the benefits outweigh the costs. “

The site is called Yada, Yada, Yada, Econ.

Thrilling Seinfeld

Did you hear about the Seinfeld movie? It’s a thriller stitched together from existing Seinfeld episodes. Here’s the trailer. Another quality mashup.

Shirt of tomorrow: Seinfeld references

This piece of artwork would make for an incredibly cool T-Shirt. Some people love Seinfeld, for others it’s a hate relationship… but there’s no denying this is a great piece of design. It contains 99 references to Seinfeld episodes… click the images for a bigger version.