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Blocktastic advert: Minimalist Lego characters

Lego ads always give me a little thrill. These are no different. These are minimal lego cartoon characters.

Images via Design Taxi

Musical Mormons

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have always had a soft spot for Mormons. Because lets face it. There’s comedy to be had in people who wear magic undergarments and believe all sorts of funny supernatural stuff. They made a musical. A Broadway Musical. And one of the songs was performed at the Tony Awards this week.

I felt a little uncomfortable at the idea of ridiculing about 30% of the things Mormons believe. I felt like the song was having a dig at all Christians. And then I thought about it. While Mormons are theists who embrace the God of the Bible, they’re also an incredibly wacky and dangerous cult. And it’s right to ridicule some of their beliefs so that people steer clear of them. I can’t understand why anybody who is not an incredibly patriotic American falls for Mormon theology. Though I’d like to believe I get my own planet. So maybe that’s it.

Mad Skillz: Steven’s Guide to Wii Dance

From my perspective, Steven Tran is many things. Talented photographer. Blogger. Budding theologian/preacher. Friend. Coffee companion. Dancer.

That’s right. Dancer.

Have you ever known somebody for a while only to have your eyes opened to their true nature a surprising amount of time into that relationship? It can be disconcerting. I don’t think I’ll ever look Steven in the eyes the same way having watched him take me completely apart in a game of Michael Jackson’s Dancing Whatever on the Wii recently. It was, well, wow. It was wow.

I’ve never seen anybody play Wii dancing quite like Steven did. It was like the old days. The Timezone days. I’d be there with my friend Simon, playing Pro Evolution Soccer, or whatever the arcade equivalent was. And there, next to us, would be some very serious looking dancers. Faces still. Limbs flying. Serious expressions. Steve was like that. And he knew all the moves.

Here are his tips to dancing like a star…

  1. Practice – basics: multi-tasking is the trick, you gotta keep the beat, gotta watch the stickman for the next move, gotta time your moves right to score
  2. Memorisation: the little stick man that pops up on the screen never changes his moves for each picture, get into memorising what picture = what move
  3. “Jiayou” there’s no use playing these games half-heartedly. If you don’t look like a fool you’re not doing it right…
  4. Hold the Wiimote Correctly: having the right moves and not holding the Wiimote correctly will mean no points
  5. Practice – Goldmoves: after all your practice you’ve got to get the Goldmoves to maintain a +10K point average. Learn what they are, where they come up, and time it well…

I must confess, the whole experience reminded me of a South Park episode, it has a rude title that some might find offensive, and I haven’t watched it recently so I can’t remember if it has rude words, but here’s a link to the clip

The South Park kids in real life

I enjoy South Park on the occasions I manage to see it (not often). So this artistic rendering of the characters in humanoid form tickled my funny bone.

From Deviant Art, Twenty Two Words has a few more.

When Harry met Kenny: Harry Potter characters South Park style

A comprehensive visual guide to the characters of Harry Potter in the style of South Park.

Via the Jailbreak.

Working Families

So, K-Rudd isn’t actually to blame for coming up with the phrase… because the West Wing did it. Back in season 2. I wonder if politicians feel the pressure to outdo the West Wing. Like South Park and the Simpsons…

[reading] “We want a real tax cut for working families to help them pay for higher
education and housing, while our opponents want to help the rich pay for bigger swimming
pools and faster private jets. [pause] No, I don’t think so.

Soul Music

This GraphJam assessment of Christian music (not church music the "commercial" part of Christian music that is an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars per annum) reminded me of this classic South Park episode where Cartman starts a Christian band and writes songs by substituting "you" for "God" in classic songs… these may be offensive to Christian music fans…

Here’s John Safran’s classic segment on Christian music…

Bad movie plot: Mormon Theology

Here’s a fairly old piece of orthodox Christian criticism of Mormon theology… Interesting viewing, this, along with a South Park episode, and some segments of John Safran vs God, forms my understanding of the teachings of the US-centric religion. It’s really not at all linked to Christianity – despite what your friendly neighbourhood doorknocker might tell you.


Segways are our future. Gyroscopes will take over the world – South Park said so. The problem with Segways is that production is expensive – largely due to the inbuilt technology.

But now – the dream is attainable. A pedal powered segway, the legway, has been designed – and the instructions are here for the whole world to see.