Soul Music

This GraphJam assessment of Christian music (not church music the "commercial" part of Christian music that is an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars per annum) reminded me of this classic South Park episode where Cartman starts a Christian band and writes songs by substituting "you" for "God" in classic songs… these may be offensive to Christian music fans…

Here’s John Safran’s classic segment on Christian music…


Mark says:

The Safran link only goes to the end of the song and cuts off in the middle of the “interview”

Is there much more?

Nathan says:

The interview was interesting – but it was more the intro and the song that I post the video for…

Basically the Christian record label turns him down on the basis that they only accept things where “Jesus is recognised as Lord” – which was good – but they say his song has promise and tell him to try another label.