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Knocking the edge off 8Bit characters

8Bit is so last millenium. Smoothing out the edges of old games won’t bring their gameplay into the new millenium, but it does give a modern perspective on franchises not famous enough to have made the transition. Sadly. The Pong Paddle looks exactly the same so wasn’t available for this treatment.


The Invaders…

Sadly the Wolfenstein Dude became a burn victim in the process.

More at the source Bit Rebels. Via Churchm.ag

Shirt of the Day: Game on

All games actually come from the same place. Did you know that? Don’t believe me? Here’s the shirt to prove it.

The many faces of Space Invaders

It’s important to be on the look out for aliens. At least that’s what Hollywood has taught me. Space Invaders can come disguised in many ways. Here are some to be aware of.

Via Walyou.

Alfa Romeo v Alpha Centauri

I want a car with laser beam headlights… but then, don’t we all. I figure the space invader aliens are from somewhere out near Alpha Centauri? Right?

Shirt of the day: Space Invaders shirt a real blast

This animated Space Invaders shirt is a nice blend of the past and the future. Just don’t wash the battery pack…

Shirt of the Day: Anatomy of a space invader

We saw yesterday what space invader’s space ships actually look like – it seems they model the ships on the actual aliens. Here’s another shirt.

Shirt of the Day: What Space Invaders really look like

Ever wondered exactly what you were seeing when you were playing Space Invaders as a child… well. Here you go. A behind the scenes look at the alien space craft…

Duck Tails

Duck Hunt was way ahead of its time. The mystery was spoiled a little when the magic of the zapper was revealed. But its popularity lives on. Immortalised in shirts like this

And photographic mashups like this Space Invaders photo… well, this is tangentially related…

Reliving the classics

I’ve posted a bunch of games in real life type things before, but none has been as beautiful as this collection. They really are nice. And all my favourites are there – Pacman, Tetris and Space Invaders. Can’t go wrong really.

Soap Invaders

These soaps are obviously designed to lure geeks into the shower. And it just might work… but grapefruit scented? What were they thinking.

Found at Gizmodo.

Ice, Ice, invaders

Perfect for your next retro gaming party – and just $US7.99 (joystick not included).