Star Wars Figurines

Look no Hans, Solo garage sailing and ebay news

Fresh from the successful sale of Luke Skywalker for a 150% profit on eBay I hit the garage sales this morning looking for a new breadmaker. I’ve given up fixing the old one.

This was my first solo garage sailing experience. It’s not as much fun by yourself. I did not manage to find a new breadmaker – I did however manage to find a new heatgun. It has never been used, and I got it for $20. They’re over $60 new. This one even has temperature control – a feature I would have liked on the old one.

Other than that the trip was pretty unproductive – I hit eight sales in less about an hour. One was selling miniature garden gnomes, another healing crystals and another a collection of stylised antique pencil sharpeners. Or pencil sharpeners shaped like antique furniture. They were $2 each. I didn’t buy them.

Luke Skywalker went to a lady from Glenelg – which is a palindrome. So that’s pretty cool. I listed a bunch of other Star Wars figurines last night – if they all go for anything like $5.50 Craig and I will feel pretty good about the whole thing. The Tie Fighter Pilot I listed last night is already up to $6.50. Here’s all the items I’ve got listed at the moment. 

May the force be with you

Once upon a time Nathan and Craig went garage sailing (with their wives and Chris). They even blogged about it on the road. All the other people bought boring things. Like candles. Nathan and Craig bought a very awesome set of Star Wars figurines that they’d like you to have. Or buy. 

The first one is up for sale on ebay now. It’s Luke Skywalker. And he’s awesome. He has a lightsaber. Buy it here. You have 10 days from today. Bid early and bid often. We’re testing the waters with this one. There’ll be more to come.

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