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Coffee for the shirty

Coffee makes the world go round. And if there’s been one gap in the coffee spectrum it’s in the field of wearable coffee. Harnessing the awesome and incredible powers of coffee waste – not even the good bits – this company is able to make fabric – and then shirts.

Shirts of the day: Make a loud noise

I love finding new shirt sites. This one, NoiseBot, is pretty similar to SnorgTees. It comes with the standard “contains material that may offend” disclaimer. Which is funny because shirts are made using material… but here are some of my favourites. You can also buy them as tote bags.

Retail therapy

I’m back at work. I’m still a bit sick. With my camp induced man flu. And I’m feeling a bit of “cold induced blues”. The best treatment for this condition is to buy something stupid. Like a novelty shirt. Or an oversized coffee machine.

I’m open to suggestions.

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Important news

Threadless has extended the $5 sale until the end of March.

Three posts ago I hit 1,000 posts. I’ll do some sort of best of those 1,000 posts to celebrate in the next day or so. To me, every one of them is like a wicket for Glenn McGrath – I remember them all. Maybe.

Speaking of Cricket. Australia has an all rounder. A bowling all rounder. Mitchell Johnson. He’s from Townsville you know.

Here’s Roebuck’s view on Johnson’s all round credentials:

“Several of the batsman had fallen foul of Harris’s Disease, the name nowadays given to batsmen who suddenly play boneheaded shots against apparently innocuous spinners. Hereabouts the main topic on spectators’ tongues concerned the tourists’ ability to take the match into a fifth day.

The next hour was startling as the Australian’s launched a two-pronged attack. Johnson’s innings is etched in the memory. After a quite start, he hurried to 50 in 51 balls whereupon he raised the tempo sufficiently to reach three figures in 86 balls. He did not swipe. He did not depend on luck. Instead he produced a stream of swashbuckling strokes all around the wicket, executed with a free and full swing of the bat.

Some of his strokes stirred the cricketing soul. Johnson took the ball on the rise and dispatched it through extra-cover or he stayed still and smote lifters into the 10th row at deep mid-wicket. Without exception his pulls and hooks went forward of square. Some of them dashed past mid-on. Moving in for the kill, the South Africans tossed the ball to Makhaya Ntini and Dale Steyn. Even Jacques Kallis had a crack and he, too, was swiftly swamped.”

If life were a musical

It would be much easier to steer the plot with this little number. A shirt with its very own in built speaker. Just $40 US. It’s a limited release – and the speaker can be removed so that you can wash it. The shirt that is. Not the speaker. Here’s a demo video… just in case you’re not convinced.