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Obsessives make for compulsive viewing

Chow (a food blog) interviews people who are obsessed about particular foods or beverages and posts the videos as a regular feature. People who love what they do are fascinating.

Here are a few.

On coffee…

On tea

On pizza

Lattea art

This latte art is actually tea art. Cool huh. A while ago (in 2008 I think) I posted a link to this Rooibos that you make like an espresso. I didn’t think much of it until I spotted this the other day.

Pretty cool.

A hand blown cuppa

Robyn is getting into tea a bit. We have a kettle, a teapot and a nice variety of teas. If you come around for a cuppa we won’t be serving your tea using the lost art of teapot blowing.

I did try it last night with some success.

Bloody tea party

I still don’t know why I’m fascinated with bloodstained stuff. I’d never buy it. Unless I was directing a horror movie. Then I’d buy it all. Except this tea set. Which costs hundreds of dollars.

From here.

A royal English breakfast

There’s nothing more English than English Breakfast tea… except of course the English royal family. So combining them seems to be the most natural thing in the world… especially when you come up with a name like “Royaltea“.


I’ve often wondered about chucking some loose leaf tea into my coffee machine’s basket (portafiller) and brewing tea using my machine. 

http://www.redespresso.com/ – seems it’s possible, and commercially viable.