A royal English breakfast

There’s nothing more English than English Breakfast tea… except of course the English royal family. So combining them seems to be the most natural thing in the world… especially when you come up with a name like “Royaltea“.


Amy says:

I need this product.

Andrew says:

They are excellent. I really love the way you find all these unique and well designed knick knacks.

Nathan says:

If only I could actually get paid to find these knick knacks. That would be brilliant.

I wonder if anybody has ever bought any knick knack I’ve featured…

Geoff says:

These teabags would definately taste better than usual… I do like a good english breakfast from twinnings.

Nathan says:

Hey Geoff. Welcome. I was going to pop by your blog and ask a vaguely off topic question about your little bro – pretty much just reminiscing about his amazing capacity to walk on folded tip toe.

You’ve saved me the trip (but I do read your blog via its RSS – just so you know)…

AJ says:

I love it, I think I have found the perfect gift for several family members for Christmas.

AJ says:

I just realised Prince Phillip is missing!