Third Eagle of the Apocalypse

Breaking News: Third Eagle says college football upset is “prophecy from God”

This. Friends. Is why a consistent hermeneutic when it comes to the use of language is really important. It’s the equivalent of jumping from David’s rock hitting Goliath in the temple (anatomical word) to the Temple as a place. The etymology of both is Latin. Tapley is rhyming an acronym with somebody’s name.

Watch out Bama.

Oh yeah. And Gangham Style is bad. Listen up. He’s the most accurate YouTube prophet out there…

The Third Eagle responds to the Ridiculist

The internet should probably explode as a result of this. William Tapley. Third Eagle of the Apocalypse. Co-Prophet of the End Times. Has decided to take up the fight against a popular television program that mocked him.

William Tapley started the ball rolling with the assertion (a year ago) that the Denver Airport features a mural with some hidden adult content, a sign of the end times.

It’s just loopy. So loopy that a CNN national news round up program singled him out on its “Ridiculist”.

Here’s his resonse to his spot on CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist.

So Anderson Cooper put him on again.

Someone once gave me some good advice when I wanted to go after the local news paper for some incorrect and nasty things they’d said about my organisation.

Never fight with someone who prints by the tonne. The same is true for YouTube broadcasters who have a small following (mostly people who aren’t interested in what you’re saying but think you’re a loony) and global news outlets.

Obama cuts face, Third Eagle is in his element

There’s nothing like a Korean conflict to get the Third Eagle excited. Nothing. Except, perhaps, for a presidential shaving mishap…

Obama’s 12 stitches on a lip injury are great fodder for numerological bizarreness.

Obama is the last king of the south… and Kim Jong Il is the last king of the north (from Daniel 11)… or maybe it’s Vladimir Putin. And nuclear weapons are a “strange god”…

My question is still where does this guy get his water backdrops from?

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