third person

Take me driving in your third person car…

Like many of the internet generation I’m a fan of Red vs Blue. And I was thrilled to discover that the Red v Blue back catalogue is on YouTube.

I discovered that because I watched this video, made by Rooster Teeth, the guys responsible for Red v Blue… there’s a pretty strong language warning on this one about half way in.

Here, in case you haven’t seen it, is the first episode of Red V Blue – there’s a language warning on it too. It’s a series shot entirely using characters from Halo.


I realise that at times I am stubborn, obstinate even, in discussions on this blog. But I really like to argue.

So this is a bind.

There’s at least one person who has exiled themselves from commenting because I’m arrogant.

And that’s convicting.

I do really like to argue – though I have a habit of divorcing myself from the implications of the argument and just enjoying the progressive development of ideas.

I have, as a way of warning prospective commenters, introduced a disclaimer to this site. You should read it. Though it’s annoyingly written in third person…

If you’d like to suggest anything that should be added – do so in the comments… though I may disagree with you…

You should also check out the discussion I’ve been having with Dave about the ACL, government and all that stuff, for an example of an argument where I don’t really believe exactly what I’m arguing, but also disagree with some of the counter-arguments. Feel free to chime in their too…

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