I realise that at times I am stubborn, obstinate even, in discussions on this blog. But I really like to argue.

So this is a bind.

There’s at least one person who has exiled themselves from commenting because I’m arrogant.

And that’s convicting.

I do really like to argue – though I have a habit of divorcing myself from the implications of the argument and just enjoying the progressive development of ideas.

I have, as a way of warning prospective commenters, introduced a disclaimer to this site. You should read it. Though it’s annoyingly written in third person…

If you’d like to suggest anything that should be added – do so in the comments… though I may disagree with you…

You should also check out the discussion I’ve been having with Dave about the ACL, government and all that stuff, for an example of an argument where I don’t really believe exactly what I’m arguing, but also disagree with some of the counter-arguments. Feel free to chime in their too…

11 thoughts on “Convicted”

  1. Fine, you win. Victory is yours.

    I am one of those people who can’t argue about most things without being passionate about them, so I tend to get emotionally involved and hence spend the wee hours constructing arguments instead of necessary things like sleeping. This is not good. So I am going to leave the contentious things for a while.

    But in the spirit of reconciliation, here’s a link to turn yourself into Lego:

  2. That is awesome. Not the victory bit. But the minifig bit. Definitely post worthy.

    My apologies for the late nights constructing arguments – though I would personally enjoy that…

  3. Late night arguments are fine if I didn’t work full time, but I do, so they are now a luxury for holidays only.

    I love that the Lego link was supplied to me by a work colleague whose job it is (it seems) to find strange and unusual web 2.0 things and tell everyone. Sounds like the perfect job for you.

  4. Re stubborn (cue embarrassing Nathan story)…

    How many months did your clothes sit under the back deck, Nathan, after you and your mother tried to out-stubborn each other over who was going to wash your clothes????

  5. It wasn’t my clothes – it was all of my possessions. And it was about tidying my room.

  6. That’s right. Sorry, I stand corrected. It was over 10 years ago.

    The clothes were on top though.

  7. And doesn’t change the stubborn element.

    Ha – your blog just told me I post too fast. Haven’t had that before.

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