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Shirt of the Day: Venn Animals…

It’s a platypus playing a keytar. In Venn Diagram form…

From Threadless, designed by Tenso Graphics.

Shirt of the Day: The Don’t Care Bears

Ahh. Care Bears. The rainbow vomiting overly optimistic fur balls of my youth.

Here are the Don’t Care Bears, the nasty siblings.

Shirt of the Day: Furious Fowl

Pretty cool real life Angry Birds design – available on Threadless.

The Breakdancing breakdown: do the “Coffee Grinder”

So, hands up if you want to be a breakdancer? No, too busy busting a move all over those polished floorboards hey…

Apparently breakdancing is one of the four components of the hip-hop lifestyle – so says one of my friends when I asked what the difference between rap and hip-hop is. The answer “rap is something you do, hip-hop is a lifestyle”… the other two components (in addition to rap and breakdancing) were, from memory, graffiti and DJing… anyway… if the above shirt (one of my favourites) doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you’ll appreciate this list of breakdancing moves on wikipedia. Seriously. Hundreds of them.


Coffee Grinder/Helicopter: Go down on one bent leg standing on your toes with your hands on either side of your bent knee. Other leg is lying flat out on the floor beside you. Swing the leg that’s on the ground. To avoid being hit by your swing leg; you pick up your hands and put them back on the floor, then use them to pick the rest of your body up lifting it over your swing leg. Drop your body and repeat.”

Shirt of the Day: Literal Batman

Evil worms and insects beware…

From Threadless.

Shirt of the Day: Sup, Bud

I like this. The white cord raps around the back of the shirt.

Again, via Threadless (though I’m not sure it’s still in print).

Shirt of the day: The Ranga Edition

One for the red heads.

Another Threadless special

Shirt of the Day: Look, no hands

Shirt of the Day: Italic Italian Tower

Is this why slanty font is called Italics? Perhaps.

Get it on Threadless.

Shirt of the Day: The making of a Pacman Ghost

Ever wondered where those Pacman Ghosts come from? This shirt design (currently up for voting on Threadless) has the answer.

Shirt of the Day: Game on

All games actually come from the same place. Did you know that? Don’t believe me? Here’s the shirt to prove it.

Shirt of the Day: The Beetles

I like this shirt. I would like to own it. I wonder if little sister number 2’s birthday shirt voucher extends to Threadless…

Shirt of the Day: Jumping the 3D Shark

One day everybody will be walking around in 3D glasses. When they are they’ll be terrified by this shirt.

I made a shirt…

I just designed a shirt. The idea came from a tangent on my last post.

It’s called “Future of Evolution”…

Here it is – you’ll be able to vote for it to be produced on Threadless any day now…

If they reject it you’ll be able to order copies from wherever I can get it printed…

Shirt of the Day: Anatomy of a space invader

We saw yesterday what space invader’s space ships actually look like – it seems they model the ships on the actual aliens. Here’s another shirt.