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Tumblrweed: On restaurant websites

Hot on the heals of this comic from The Oatmeal

Comes this Tumblr “Never said about restaurant websites

Featuring examples like this:

“Good to know that your site is still under construction. I’m also glad you didn’t strain anything trying to publish your phone number along with that critical status update. Baby steps!”

“I think it shows how unique and progressive your restaurant is when you use 90% of the screen area for your theme and ambiance, and 10% for the information I actually came to your site for.”

“Thank you for the looped audio music on your website. It made the time I spent trying to find your phone number and address more bearable and eased my pain when the link to your menu was broken.”

You know what “industry” has worse websites than restaurants? Churches. That’s who. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

See also: this XKCD comic

Tumblrweed redux: Kim Jong Il looking at things…

Just so you know – I’m still pretty addicted to this site.

That is all.

Tumblrweed: Minimalist Movie Posters #54

I’ve posted heaps of Minimalist Movie posters in these parts in the past. Here’s a Tumblr devoted to providing more every day.

Some samples.

There are heaps. Check ’em out.

Tumblrweed: Give me things to read, the Essayist, longform.org and Instapaper

I have a kindle. I like it. I’m investigating instapaper – it seems pretty cool. It lets you save online content to read later. On your kindle. As nicely served text. It plays nicely with iPhones, iPads and printers too… which leads me to this collection of tumblogs that exist for the sole purpose of finding you essays to read.

Give me something to read tracks down good long form essays and collects them – with a “read later” link to allow you to (if you’ve set up Instapaper) send stuff to your kindle. The Essayist is similar (though it currently features a pretty not safe for work article on top of the page – so be warned). Longform.org is another nice essay hunting service.

I like a well written essay.

Brilliant. Because I like the idea lots – I’ve included an instapaper button on individual posts and pages here. So you can, if you use instapaper (which you should) read stuff later.

Tumblrweed: White People Rapping Badly

Your weekly single serving tumblog is White People Rapping Badly. Pretty self explanatory – and if you can stomach these you should check it out.

“Science has show that for every Eminem, there are approximately 598,467 white people that try to rap but can’t. This is devoted to bringing you the best of the worst.”

Tumblrweed: Sad Keanu

Sad Keanu is one of my favourite memes. Did you know there’s a tumblog dedicated to photoshopped Keanu images? No. Well. Now you do.

There’s also this interview with Keanu where has has a little chat about the meme (see 3.24, via Time).

Tumblrweed: Things People Don’t Say About Advertising

Here’s another single serve Tumblog for you to check out.

Be warned, there’s a little bit of language on some of them.

Tumblerweed: Muppets with people eyes…


Seriously freaky.

More here. If you dare.

Tumblrweed: Kim Jong Il looking at things

I am contemplating making a regular feature of weird single serving blogs on Tumblr. This one features photos of Kim Jong Il looking at things.

It’s odd. And provides some sort of insight into the style of staged Public Relations shoots in North Korea. Somehow the idea that Kim Jong Il looks at things must provide some succor to his legions of loyal, browbeaten citizens. Everything about his reign is stage managed. Which means the oddness is intentional.

Letters to Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has just been released from prison. She spent the last few weeks there for being an idiot. Incarceration is boring – but when it comes to celebrity incarceration it opens up whole new realms of possibility. We suddenly know exactly where the celebrity is at all times – we have a captive audience for our celebrity stalking. One man, Greg Rutter, took this opportunity and ran with it – he sent Lindsay a postcard each day of her imprisonment. And he blogged them.

They were mostly non-sensical. Which, when you think about the recipient, makes perfect sense.

“Writing is rules. Whether it’s about word choice or sentence length or subject matter each writer has decided on rules they have agreed not to break. Me? My rules are too many. I won’t use the word “penultimate” because I think it sounds pretentious. I’ll just write “next to last” instead, and problem solved. But why is “pretentious” allowed but “penultimate” not? Because those are just the rules.”

Awkward Stock Photos

Have you ever used or searched through stock photo libraries just trying to find the right image for your design? I have. Stock photos are heaps cheaper than photo shoots, and a great way for photographers to make a little pocket money. Good stock photos are awesome. You can search for photos by obvious keywords.

There are, however, a litany of awful stock photos in libraries around the interwebs. This blog, Awkward Stock Photos, exists to record the worst offenders.

One wonders what possible application this image has, and what keywords one would be using to find it: “criminal school girl with walkman and balaklava” is hardly likely to be a common request.

This one is too disturbing to feature in image form – only click it if you can stomach artistic elderly nudity (a bottom) in anatomically impossible situations.

Lens Cap On

Have you ever been so focused on capturing the perfect shot that you haven’t noticed the obvious – your lens cap is still on. Don’t let those moments go to waste. Maybe start your own version of this Lens Cap On tumblr.

The best/worst dive bar in Brooklyn? YES. You can’t tell, but the jukebox is all Tom Waits records.

Lots of ands

Can you put the word and in a sentence five times in a row?

I can. The signwriter said there had to be more space between pig and and, and and and whistle. If you like your ands as ampersands – pig & & & & & whistle – then you should check out this tumblog of 300&65 ampersands. Each one in a different typeface. They say you can judge a typeface by its ampersand.

ITC Garamond, Ultra Italic

Growing up heroes

Did you ever dress up as a superhero as a kid? Did you leave photographic evidence with your cruel parents? Then look out. Here’s a group photoblog dedicated to immortalising those moments where you tried to express your inner super hero.

Qualified advice

I had an idea in the car yesterday. And I’ve started another Tumblr. I’ve called it Qualified Advice.

It’s probably not what you think…

Check it out.

And while you’re at it – check out my Just Google It Tumblr too – here’s a link to a random post.