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Typographic Sins

It has been a while since my last typography related post. So here, as my penance, is a list of typographic sins, with examples (in a PDF) for you to mull over. It’s pretty standard fare. But they are good rules for keeping in mind in order to satisfy your pedantic/designer friends…

  1. Two spaces between sentences.
    Repent of this sin by using only one space.
  2. Dumb quotes instead of smart quotes.
    Evil: “Thou shalt not misuse type” § Good: “Thou shalt not misuse type”
  3. Dumb apostrohe instead of a smart apostrophe.
    Profane: Don’t use prime marks § Sacred: Don’t use prime marks
    By the way, apostrophes always face this way: Pot o’ gold.
    They never face this way: Pot ‘o gold.
  4. Failing to tuck periods/commas inside quote marks.
    Immoral: “I love type so much”, she confessed.
    Chaste: “I love type so much,” she testified.