One man ukelele band

This is supremely good (thanks to Peter B who shared it on Facebook).

Corridor Beatles

Hey look. This is a collection of members of a variety of Christian bands singing a Beatles song in a hotel corridor. I like it.

Via 22 Words.

Radiohead on Ukelele

If ukelele covers are your thing then you should check this out. Amanda Palmer plays Radiohead.

Good coverage: Sometimes cover songs are better than the original

I’m a sucker for badly sung covers of popular songs. I remember discovering Grum Lee’s now defunct website of purposefully bad acoustic covers sung with a French accent and thinking it was terrific. The site is dead – but Grum lives on, immortalised in YouTube…

Here he is singing a Dandy Warhols number.

The reason I post this is because I just watched this video Dave Miers posted today of a kid on a ukelele murdering the lyrics to that annoying Jason Mraz song.